The Risk Agitator is a U.S. network of artistic risk-takers.  join us.

In circus, we may spend our lives training for that "Big Trick", but what does that skill really mean in the context of our work?  Let's give our skills meaning! We want new contexts, new audiences, new ways of engaging our skills. We want to be agitated.  American circus artists are not supported in experimentation in the same way as in other countries, so we have to do it ourselves by forming a network of risk takers!

Agitator sessions

Curated experimentation periods designed to shake up our ideas of what circus is and how and where it is done.   Opportunities for members only.

R.A.C.E Lab

Open Source blog by members of Risk Agitator in order to share our "research".  To contribute video, photo, or text please contact us!

creation residencies

Residencies vary in theme and duration depending upon host. Opportunities listed in open call.

site-specific performances

Staging alternative performative or artistic interventions in a variety of locations both physical and virtual.  Auditions open to members only.